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Image 6533 : Blue peafowl displaying

Contributor gwolters

Title Blue peafowl displaying

Description Blue peafowl displaying

Keywords indian peafowl blue peafowl peafowl peacock wildlife fauna animal pavo cristatus pheasant family bird male feather eyes beak head bill display pecker aves avialae phasianidae looking watching observe feathered ornithology zoology front view pride metallic blue crest national bird india crown covert feather tectrix beauty cockerel pheasant poult colorful colourful nature natural beautiful outdoor outside brown orange blue green

Language English

Year 2015

Views 21627

Upload 04/17/2015

License Royalty free

Category 1 Nature: Fauna

Category 2 Nature: Seasons

Category 3 Nature: Other

Set Nature - Fauna

Max. size 4728 x 3152 pixel

Image ID 6533

Image of the week 19 / 2015